Bodybuilding: Threonine and its benefits

Bodybuilding is a physical activity that aims to develop one of our muscles or a part of our body. This activity requires the deployment of extra energy compared to a person at rest. Sometimes during intense physical exercise, our muscle fibers are stressed and can be damaged. To repair and restore them, a sufficient protein intake becomes essential for the body for its rehabilitation.

Proteins are simply composed of different amino acid chains. There are 20 amino acids as predictors of protein, eight of which are essential; the body can not synthesize it itself, niwali keto but it can find them in some products. For bodybuilding practitioners, if you want to have optimal bodybuilding, it is sometimes necessary to have a nutritional supplement based on amino acids.

In the latter case, the daily protein requirements are from 2 to 2.5 grams per kg of weight per day.

The importance of threonine on the body during bodybuilding
Among the essential amino acids that play a fundamental role in the formation of proteins, we find threonine, a molecule that has the formula C4H9NO3.

Its proportion in proteins is of the order of 4%. Threonine has many benefits on the body, for example, we can mention:

• Its ability to dislocate fats in our liver. By this function, it also lowers cholesterol in the blood • It is an active agent on the intestinal metabolism that ensures a good nutritive blood-intestines exchange • Its effects on the maintenance of cellular tissues, hair and hair nails • The formation of collagen, tooth enamel and elastin • Its action on the protein balance, the formation of antibodies and the improvement of immunity • Its initiating effect of glycine and serine • Its favorable action on bone growth in children • Control of epileptic seizures.

Threonine-rich foods
The normal threonine intake for the body is between 0.5 and 1 gram per day, but this value may be higher for athletes looking to increase muscle mass.

However, the amount of threonine needed, depends on the weight of each person. To satisfy these threonine requirements, several foods can provide them. For example, all our meats, dairy products, eggs, beans, nuts, soya beans and wheat germs need to be introduced into our nutrition.

In case of intense need, it is possible to complete, after medical advice, a food in the form of capsules or tablets obtained by threonine deaminase which leads to its conversion to isoleucine.

How many calories in pear compote?

Whether you are on a Weight Watchers or diabetic diet, it is important to avoid overly sweet desserts. If you still want to enjoy yourself from time to time, then opt for light pear compote and no added sugar. In addition to savoring its delicious taste, you will enjoy the virtues of this fruit on your health.

Combien de calories dans la compote de poire ?

The calories in pear compote
It takes about 80 calories in a pot of 100 gr of pear compote. It is therefore a product to be limited especially purchased commercially. Always prefer a homemade preparation that will be much more dietetic especially as the recipe of light pear compote is very simple to achieve.

The homemade and quick recipe of pear compote
To avoid adding sugar to your recipe, avoid canned pears and prefer fresh ripe fruit. If cooking pears can be steam or pan, it can also be done with a thermomix.

500 grams of pear
half a lemon
1 stick of cinnamon or a vanilla pod
1 small glass of water
1 – Peel and remove the seeds from the pears and cut into pieces
2 – In a saucepan, add water and fruits
3 – Cook 5 minutes
4 – Add the juice, the zest of the half lemon, the cinnamon stick or the vanilla beans
5 – Bake 15 minutes over low heat and covered
6 – At the end of cooking, remove the cinnamon stick
7 – Mix to avoid pieces or crush with a fork
8 – Pour into pots and sprinkle with cinnamon powder
9 – Enjoy hot, warm or cold

The benefits of pear
– Pear lowers the rate of bad cholesterol with its pectines.

– It improves the immune system especially thanks to the fibers that compose it.

– It activates digestion and facilitates intestinal transit.

– It slows the premature aging of the skin due to substances present without its skin that break down free radicals.

– It brings energy because it is a source of vitamin C.

– It stimulates brain activity thanks to the copper ions it contains.

– Pear reduces the risk of cancer being rich in vitamin K.
Lightened and good for your health, homemade pear compote is less caloric than that found commercially. It fits into your diet and will help you vary your diet.

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5 tips to increase endurance in 2 weeks

5 tips to increase endurance in 2 weeks

Endurance is an ability to maintain a sustained intensity effort over time . The longer you are able to maintain a high intensity, the better your results will be.

By working on the main factors of your endurance, you can increase it in two weeks, whether you are sports or not. To help you quickly increase your stamina , here are 5 tips.

1. Have a good breath
Whether swimming, running, crossfit or during a weight training exercise , it is important to know how to breathe. Even if it sounds a little silly, it’s the basis of any sporting activity!

First, you inhale and exhale through the mouth and nose to maximize your oxygenation, accompanying breathing with your belly . Watch your breathing during the session so that it stays regular and constant.

Then, keep a good posture during training: your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and avoid bending so that your airways are not blocked.

2. Cross training
This workout is a great tool to increase your stamina. When you increase your volume, you must go gradually so as not to risk hurting yourself. Cross training is what is needed for the impatient. Because fundamental endurance does not exclude any physical activity!

You can increase your endurance by making volume in a pool, on cross-country skis, a bike, etc. The heart is not really interested in what the rest of your body can do with the blood it pumps … Developing your lung and cardiovascular skills is very good in a pool or on a bike.

3. Monitor your diet
Choose light meals, rich in complex carbohydrates and easy to digest , at least two hours before your intense session. We must keep a diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and good lipids during the week to maintain a proper energy level and be attacking! Hydration should not be neglected: as a reminder, it is essential to drink before, during and after training. Opt for an isotonic drink if you expect the workout to be stressful.

4. Do muscle building exercises
To increase your stamina, regular muscle strengthening exercises are necessary. It’s not about becoming a professional in this discipline. Abs, pushups or push-ups are recommended exercises . You can do these exercises quietly at home.

These exercises will increase your strength and resistance without investing in specific equipment.

5. Do the split.
It’s a type of exercise that has several benefits that can help you increase endurance and get the most out of training.

Improve cardiovascular abilities. An endurance race sometimes exhausts . By splitting, your anaerobic capacity increases. And when you combine it with your aerobic capacity, you will become faster.

To relax after a workout, swim or include swimming in your routine . It has the advantage of working your upper muscles, which are generally poorly developed in runners. It is possible to swim at home half an hour after training for a good rest.

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Karine Larose, the specialist of our weight loss?

But the advice of a specialist can be a great help to take control in hand effectively. In addition to guiding you in choosing the method that suits you, the slimming coach gives you the moral support and tips necessary to achieve your goals. That’s what Karine Larose, the weight loss specialist, does so well.

Who is Karine Larose? Biography
A graduate in psychology and kinanthropology, Karine Larose is a kinesiologist, specializing in motivation training. Former columnist and TV presenter on fitness, Karine Larose continues to share her experience and knowledge both in the media and through literary works.

Indeed, Karine Larose is the author of several books on behaviors to adopt for a healthy life. Zero Diet 2: 100 new healthy and tasty recipes, I take control, 10-4: Healthy losing 10 pounds in 4 weeks and The New Living Guide Plus are some of his books. The specialist toning also offers on his blog various articles to lose weight, eat healthy, lose belly, apply to physical exercises and have a slim body and firm.

Toning and weight loss with Karine Larose
Karine Larose is the ally you need to get rid of your excess fat. The weight loss specialist offers a series of dvd perfectly realized, in which it presents various methods to arrive lose weight, whatever your needs. Films have the advantage of offering visual support that you can easily follow.

The Walk to Shape DVD is a nice introduction to the world of Pilates training. You will see easy exercises to gently start your slimming program. Then continue with the video Dance and Burn to climb in effort to the rhythm of various musical styles.

With the Bootcamp video, you begin to push your limits, while the Kickboxing video card is specifically dedicated to the amateur combat sports.

Karine Larose also presents special videos such as Yogaflex, 30 minutes a day of Yoga practice, Allez hop on the move, a DVD specifically dedicated to children and Extreme buttocks for total firming of the buttocks.

Take charge with Karine Larose
Karine Larose’s solutions allow you to take charge and lose weight quickly. Moreover, you can communicate with the specialist through the contact form or via his Facebook and Twitter pages. You will also find on these pages some exercises and tips to apply.

The Zero Diet Cookbook is essential to support your physical efforts with a balanced diet.

You are fat and you want to lose weight? Nutritional coach-slimming Karine Larose accompanies you through her recipes, tips and training videos that reveal all the secrets of weight loss.

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How many calories in panzanella?

How many calories in panzanella?

Tuscan traditional specialty , panzanella combines sun vegetables, anchovies, olive oil, basil … and stale bread. Apparently rather healthy, we would add it to our diet slimming recipe. But by the way, how many calories does panzanella contain? Not much, rest assured: with about 185 kilocalories per serving , panzanella is not likely to give you fat!

Panzanella, perfect for a light menu

Low in calories, panzanella also has the slimming strength of all salads: its crudités, to chew at length to prolong the pleasure while letting come the feeling of satiety.

And if you make panzanella with croutons of wholegrain bread , you’ll really have it all: high in fiber and with a very low glycemic index, the whole bread will satisfy you without shaking your blood sugar.

The nutritional advantages of the Tuscan salad
Carbohydrates, fats, proteins … : I dine as a salad meal , panzanella allows you to compose a very balanced lunch, to consume at home or take away.

Its vegetables bring you a good dose of antioxidants, essential to maintain your health in the short and long term, while anchovies contribute to your protein and omega-3 intake.

As for olive oil, essential ingredient of the famous Mediterranean diet, it is your ally against many diseases, including cardiovascular!

The main defect of panzanella? Resolutely omnivorous, it will unfortunately not be suitable for those who practice a vegetarian diet or without gluten.

Slimming recipe: panzanella with wholemeal bread
Ingredients for 4 persons)
400 grams sourdough whole bread, stale
5 large organic tomatoes
1 onion
1 cucumber
4 anchovy fillets in olive oil
black olives
a bouquet of basil
organic olive oil, first cold pressed
wine vinegar
Soften the whole bread by dipping it in fresh water for a few minutes.
Then crumble the bread in the bottom of the plates, then add 2 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar.
Cover the bread with the tomatoes and cucumber , cut into small cubes, then with the onion, finely chopped, and the anchovies.
Finally, sprinkle with chopped basil, and finish with a last drizzle of olive oil.
Italian cheese lovers will be able to complement this recipe with a few slices of mozzarella di bufala.

Peckish ? Do not give up too quickly to your pizza cravings : also of Italian origin , the tasty panzanella will delight your taste buds without spoiling your slimming diet!

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What are the benefits of savory?

What are the benefits of savory

This aromatic plant, which produces mauve, pink or white flowers in summer , also has different virtues very interesting health. Let’s see its different benefits and uses, its nutritional value, not to mention its precautions …

Nutritional properties of savory
Savory contains a lot of carvacrol (also called cyanophenol), a molecule particularly known for its antibacterial properties. It also contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids , trace elements and minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium) and vitamins (A, B6 and C). And the caloric value of savory is 272 calories per 100 grams.

Virtues of Savory
Savory is best known for its powerful sexual stimulant properties . It is indeed very effective against erectile dysfunction and significantly increases the degree of sensitivity of the mucous membranes; it boosts the libido.

But she has many other health benefits:

she is an excellent stress regulator
it is antibacterial, antiparasitic and antimycotic
it activates the proper functioning of the immune system and strengthens that of the adrenal glands
it also facilitates digestion and can fight against gastric reflux , intestinal disorders (responsible for bloating, gas, pain and discomfort) and gastroenteritis
it can prevent and cure urinary tract infection (related to bacterial contamination)
it also relieves local pains of rheumatism and muscular pains
and it has effective antiviral action against respiratory infections, colds and bronchial coughs.
What uses of savory?
You wonder then: “What is exactly the savory? Can I use it in which dish and with what meat? She has a culinary use only? “.

In the kitchen
savory is a perfect substitute for pepper. It is often called “donkey pepper”, “bean grass” or “ai pe”. Very used in Mediterranean recipes, this condiment (to be added always at the end of cooking) is also used in many parts of the world.

Savory can indeed flavor all fish , all meats, starchy foods, vegetables and legumes. It also adds flavor to stews, pies, stuffings, marinades and broths, and to any other charcuterie and barbeque. Raw, it gives a unique taste to salad dressings and can be combined with other herbs and spices. It should be known that it is particularly appreciated on goat cheese.

In herbal medicine

Second use of this plant, the mother tincture of savory (extracted from the fresh plant) can be used for internal use (after being diluted in water), just like the infusion of savory (made from the luminaries and dried leaves) that some prefer lemony for even more taste and efficiency. On the other hand, essential oil and savory hydrolate are used externally. Know that you can find all these preparations directly in pharmacy or organic store.

In conclusion, you will take care to take the necessary precautions using the savory, whose virtues on health are not to be demonstrated. Indeed, its essential oil must be diluted in a vegetable oil and its hydrolate , mixed with body milk, to avoid any risk of burns. In addition, these two products should not be used in inhalation, burner or aerosol. But still, pregnant or lactating women and children under 12 do not use essential oil or hydrosol. And people who are immunosuppressed or undergoing anesthesia within 48 hours will not be at all savory.

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How many calories are spent with piloxing?

A mix of dance, Pilates and boxing, Piloxing Barre® comes straight from the United States . Practiced with the help of a classical dance bar, it allows you to work in flexibility and music.

But how many calories can this original sport allow you to burn? With between 400 and 500 kilocalories spent per hour of classes, this fitness of a new kind justifies its success!

Piloxing with support: the fitness that melts!
A real slimming remedy, Piloxing is the second most effective physical activity to lose weight , just after cross-country skiing.

His secret? The cardio, of course. During a Piloxing session, we do not stop, and the exercises are linked to lose breath …

So if you are looking for the best activity to find the line , do not hesitate to join a Piloxing course.

Other benefits of Piloxing
Piloxing with support really solicits all muscles, including, thanks to Pilates, deep muscles . It is therefore an excellent option to maintain the tone and health of the whole body. Very complete, Piloxing also promotes endurance as well as flexibility, not to mention the work on posture.

Accessible to all, this very physical activity can be practiced at different levels , depending on the limits of each. Without impact or risk movements, it also limits the risk of injury.

However, Piloxing is a financial investment because access to a teacher and a dance bar is unavoidable: difficult to progress at home , without advice or encouragement, and especially without being carried by the atmosphere!

How to practice Piloxing Barre® for weight loss?
You will understand: to lose your extra pounds with Piloxing, the first thing to do is register at the nearest gym.

Then you will have to practice regularly. The basic rule does not change: as for most sports, two to three weekly sessions are a good base to obtain and maintain the results slimming.

In addition, do not rest on your laurels: do not forget to add to the difficulty as soon as your level increases! For more toned arms and increased effort , you can wear weighted gloves …

Champion to eliminate unnecessary calories, Piloxing with support is a physical activity to be tested urgently ! We are waiting for your opinions!

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Dry menu at 1500 kcal

Dry menu at 1500 kcal

The dry is a classic diet that is practiced over a period of a few months and that aims to get rid of excess fat, accumulated during weight gain in bodybuilding or crossfit.

The slimming shop
It is therefore to eat less than its needs and in a balanced way . Here are examples of a menu for drying , with or without food supplement and 1500 Kcal, for 3 days.

Menu idea 1
Breakfast: – 1 egg – 20 g of hard cheese – 40 g of wholemeal bread – 1 fruit.

Morning snack: – 45 g of tuna – 35 g of dried fruit – 5 g of nuts and / or almonds.

Lunch: – 50 g of chicken breast – 200 g of raw vegetables – 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

Taste (2 hours before the effort): – 1 fruit – 100 g of ham – 5 g of nuts and / or almonds.

Dinner (in the hour following the effort): – 50 g of fatty fish – 60 g of pasta or semolina – 200 g of cooked vegetables – 1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil.

Menu idea 2
Breakfast: – 30 g oat flakes – 10 cL milk – 100 g ham or 250 g 0% cottage cheese – 1 orange – 10 mL fish oil (or omega 3 capsules ).

Morning snack: – 10 g oleaginous (almonds or walnuts) – 20 g protein powder.

Lunch: – 1 plate of raw vegetables – 5 g of olive oil – 1 plate of vegetables – 100 g of fish – 1 apple.

Taste (1 hour before training): – 20 g oat flakes – 20 g protein powder (optional) – 1 fruit.

Dinner: – 1 plate of raw vegetables – 100 g of fish – 1 egg – 1 plate of vegetables – 5 g of olive oil – 1 fruit.

Before bedtime: – 100 g of white cheese.

Menu idea 3
Breakfast: – 1 egg – 2 slices of turkey breast – 30 g of wholemeal bread – 1 banana.

Morning snack: – 25 g protein powder – 5 g oleaginous (almonds, cashew nuts) – 35 g dried apricots.

Lunch: – 120 g of chicken fillet – 200 g of raw vegetables – 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

Taste (1 hour before training): – 25 g protein powder – 20 g honey – 100 g cottage cheese – 5 g walnuts and / or almonds.

Dinner: – 100 g of red meat – 45 g of quinoa or sweet potato – 200 g of cooked vegetables – 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil.

To conclude, be careful not to lose weight too quickly because if you go too fast , a large part of your muscles will leave at the same time as the fat . The goal of the dry being to lose only fat, plan time otherwise you will slow your metabolism (because of the sudden drop in calories), which will slow down your natural weight loss and fat removal.

So never change drastically the program (as for your training) and make rather progressive changes that will be more effective and easier to maintain. Start, for example, by lowering your daily calories by 300 Kcal and reduce your carbohydrates first , while maintaining essential fatty acids and your protein sources , without forgetting to take care to well spread your light meals on the day .

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Water retention: foods to avoid!

Infusion, decoction, here are terms that are familiar to you but is it easy to define them precisely? This differentiation is essential and avoids many subsequent worries. A misinterpretation can lead to mistakes and is quite common in this area.

What is an infusion?
The most perfect example of what an infusion really is is herbal tea! Whatever the chosen plant, the principle is to dip it in a boiling water previously removed from the fire. Once immersed in the water, it is necessary to be patient and let the plant infuse a few minutes so that it releases its aroma and more.

The waiting time is very variable because it depends on two distinct factors: the plant used and the desired result.

What is a decoction?
Unlike an infusion that starts from the principle of immersing a plant in already boiling water, for a decoction, it is essential to integrate the plant early in the process. This will heat up at the same time as the water in which it is immersed.

The water must then boil. The temperature is thus maintained a few minutes, a dozen in general. The decoction is then filtered.

Which method should I favor?
This is not really the question to ask because each of them concerns a specific type of plants. It is therefore this criterion that will define the mode of preparation. The infusion is intended to prepare plants such seeds, flowers and tender leaves which will draw specific active ingredients.

We reserve the decoction for the barks, the hard seeds and obviously the roots.

Good to know
Whatever the method, be sure to respect the times indicated. If you let it steep or boil for longer than necessary, it may become very bitter.

Similarly, for an infusion, turn off the heat as soon as the water begins to boil, so slightly simmering. If the water is too hot, the quality of your infusion will be affected.

The ingredients used are indeed fragile, unlike a decoction. Finally, do not improvise because some plants are not indicated for this type of preparations! The taste can be perverted but also, the properties of the plant can be neutralized!

You have become a real expert in infusion and decoction. By discovering the exciting world of plants, you can now prepare perfect drinks by exploiting the virtues of each plant, leaf, seed, root or bark!

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The slimming box diet effective to lose weight?

Have you heard of the popular Regime Box? This is a very practical slimming program that consists of having diet meals already prepared via La Poste. The packages are delivered every week and contain complete menus for 7 days: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks.

Is the plan effective? Of course, yes! Here is the essential to know about this slimming method quite revolutionary.

Lose weight with the box diet
First of all, it should be noted that there is not only one box slimming. There are for different categories of people: woman, man, sportsman or not. The diet can be followed for just a week or up to 4 months depending on the goal of weight loss to be achieved.

Everyone can specify their culinary tastes and the preparations will also be made according to this factor. There are even boxes 100% vegan or vegetarian, with or without gluten, etc. In any case, it is a low-calorie diet that breaks down into three categories: the Basic formula at 1,200 calories per day, the Balance formula at 1,350 calories a day and the Dynamic formula at 1,500 calories a day.

Slimming box diet, how does it work?
Just register on the official Régime Box website and fill out a form to determine your profile and therefore the formula that suits you. Then choose the meals proposed according to your profile and make the order.

Free delivery is between 2 and 3 days. Keep your box cool. Before each meal, simply warm up for 2 minutes in the microwave. To avoid cravings, it is recommended to supplement the box foods with green vegetables, fruits and lean dairy products.

The benefits of diet box
To lose weight, there is no secret: we must reduce the caloric intake. The normal daily intake for a woman is 1,800 kcal and 2,000 kcal for a man. To lose weight, you must consume less. But it’s not always easy to know how many calories there are in what we usually eat.

With slimming boxes, nutritionists take care of it for you. In addition, it is professional chefs who prepare meals so they are very greedy in addition to being healthy and balanced.

The menus are also diversified, meats, starchy fish, well cooked vegetables and others, there is everything!

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